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Old Sevensy says . . . .

many thanks to Ian G of Melbourne, Australia

for a very kind comment -

Just taking this opportunity to commend you and your club on proving what
I would regard as the ABSOLUTE BEST auto web site
that I have ever encountered for period cars.

Just spent the last few hours learning about so many things, as your site covers such a broad range of technical topics, with all that I read, being so well written.  As an example, I've wondered for years how to do the "wood grain effect" painting of internal car components.

Armed with this detail now, I can now give it a try. I found your web site by searching for information on the P.L.C.2 ignition/lighting switch for my 1935 Morris 18, and was presented with a most informative article.

Again, thank you and congratulations, as the entire site is an exceptional asset for your club and to people like myself.


CA7C is an active and friendly club
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in Cornwall and beyond by driving it whenever possible.
Therefore, we greatly value our right to drive
our cars on the public highway.

. . . . proper job!


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