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Any reference to the 'Club' below shall mean the Cornwall Austin Seven Club.

The use of the term 'We' shall mean the Club, its officers and individual members.

The Club's interest is solely in pre-war Austin Sevens built between 1923 and 1939 and Specials which are based on an Austin Seven chassis and engine.

This website is © Cornwall Austin Seven Club and is maintained in-house.

Cookies Policy
This website does not place cookies on other computers.

Purpose of this website
The primary aim of this website is to promote the Club within Cornwall and interest in the pre-war 'Austin Seven'.

It also provides our members, and all Austin Seven enthusiasts, particularly newcomers, with a library of 'Technical Articles', and 'Quick Tips', drawn from articles written by our members and previously published in the Club magazine 'Seven Focus'; a 'Guide to Parts and Services' (see below) listing sources for spares, specialist services and other related matters.  The section 'Magazine Articles has a selection of articles not specific to Austin Sevens found in pre- and post-war Motoring Magazines which will enhance the reader's knowledge of a topic.

'Other Articles' related to our enjoyment of Austin Sevens are also published.

The website is supplementary to, and complements, 'Seven Focus', and does not replace our monthly magazine.

Events Diary
Only brief details of future Club events are published.  Full details of the meeting place, time and any lunch arrangements, are given in 'Seven Focus' at least two months prior to the event date.

Events of other Clubs and organisations
We do not publish details of coming events being organised by other Motor Clubs and organisations on this website.  If our members are to be invited to attend an event the details should be submitted to the Editor of 'Seven Focus'; whose decision it will be as to whether, or not, to include the details in a forthcoming edition of the Club magazine. 

Event Reports
Only events organised by the Club are reported.  Summary reports of events during the past month will be published 7 to 10 days after appearing in 'Seven Focus'.  These reports will be on the website for a maximum of four months.

Technical Advice
Many of the 'problems' experienced by Austin Seven owners throughout the world, whilst maintaining and repairing their Sevens, are covered in the articles written by our members in Technical Articles; also in general articles from past magazines, which are relevant to Austin Sevens, can be found in Austin Seven Journal and Magazine Articles.   Also see Quick Tips and our Guide to Parts and Services which will help you to source parts and services available in, or from, the UK.

Feel free to contact us, via Doug Castle, the website editor, with any questions arising from these articles or your work on your Austin Seven.  Our members are only able to answer questions relating to the Austin Seven (1922-1939) and may not be able to answer any questions arising from some articles from past magazines as they may have developed their own method of undertaking the work.  Also many topics have been discussed on the forum Austin Seven Friends

If you are in the UK and are invited to telephone our member that is because he feels that it would be better to discuss your problem, and perhaps refer to other issues which you have possibly overlooked, rather than answer by e-mail.  It is your responsibility to make the call as our members do not wish to spend time 'chasing' you and leaving messages on answerphones only for there to be no reply.  They do not wish to call mobile phone numbers due to the higher cost of calls.

Please note:  
Whilst every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the technical advice, and information, it is given in good faith and the Club, its officers and the author(s) accept no liability for loss, damage or injury from persons acting upon the advice given in this publication and from any subsequent answers to questions asked of our members.  Anyone following the advice given by this publication, or answers subsequently provided, shall be deemed to have accepted this statement.

We cannot offer a 24/7 'Help-line' and there may be a delay in answering your question after the webmaster has passed it on as our members do have other commitments.

Whilst we are pleased to give our time to answer questions, it sometimes involves a lot of effort to prepare the information specific to your question.  The person responding would be pleased to receive your acknowledgment for the reply and feedback as to whether the advice offered to you did meet your needs, or any further questions that might subsequently arise.  Whatever - a 'thank you' would be very appreciated.

Reproduction of articles first published by other Clubs

It is accepted practice that the Editors of Austin Seven Club magazines reproduce, with proper acknowledgements, articles from other Austin Seven Club's magazines.  We do not reproduce articles from other Austin Seven Clubs on this website after they have appeared in 'Seven Focus' as doing so would contravene the copyright of the original author and Club under the Copyright, Designs & Patents Act 1988.

Reproduction of articles from this website
Anyone wishing to reproduce an article from this website in their Austin Seven Club's magazine may do so provided that the usual acknowledgement of the source of the article, being the Cornwall Austin Seven Club website, and the named author is cited, and accept that the copyright, within the meaning of the Copyright, Designs & Patents Act 1988, remains with this Club and the original author.  If you do wish to reproduce an article please inform the webmaster so that we know who has shown interest.  Reproduction for commercial purposes, digital storage and publication in any other format or website is strictly forbidden.

Recommendations and Endorsements
We do not recommend any company, nor endorse any products or services.  The companies listed in our 'Guide to Parts and Services' are those from which our members have enjoyed good service and feel that other members, and Austin Seven enthusiasts, might like to be aware of their satisfaction.  Persons subsequently making a purchase are responsible for their own decision.  Cornwall Austin Seven Club is not responsible for the content of external websites.

The information given in the 'Guide to Parts and Services' is as up to date as possible and the webmaster cannot be held responsible for recent changes, inadvertent errors or omissions.  However, an update, modification or correction will be made to an entry as quickly as possible after the webmaster receives any new information. 

The mention of a product, or service, in any article published on this website is for the benefit of factual correctness; and does not imply any endorsement nor indicate that that product is the only one available, or that the company which supplied it is the only one able to do so.  It should be accepted that it was the choice made by the author of the article at the time the work was undertaken.

Manufacture and supply of goods etc.
The Club does not manufacture or supply any Austin Seven related goods or services listed in the 'Guide to Parts & Services'

Purchase of Goods and Services.
Please note that CA7C does not purchase goods and services, for and on behalf of members, from any Company in the UK or Worldwide. All spam emails are ignored.
We do not wish to display advertising for any company, whether directly concerned with Austin Seven spares, services or ancillary products; nor will we agree to carry sponsored articles from any source, or company, on this website.

Items For Sale
We do not publish any advertisements for our Club members, or any other Austin Seven enthusiasts, wishing to sell their Austin Seven, spares or anything else, on this website.

The links listed in the Links Section are to other Clubs and organisations with a specific, or strong interest, in pre-war Austin Sevens.  We do not wish to form a link with any Motor Club, company or other organisation, which does not have that same interest.

Similarly we do not want any other Motor Club, company or organisation, to create a link from their website to this website unless they share the same strong interest in pre-war Austin Sevens and have discussed the possibility of a link with our webmaster.

Other questions
If your question is not covered by the above statements, please ask as we are not inflexible.  However, we are contacted by many companies and organisations whose products, services or interests, are neither related to Austin Sevens, nor of any interest to our Club and its members; therefore, such communications are usually ignored.  

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