Torque Tube Pinion Removal

If you have ever had to take the propshaft coupling flange off of the pinion shaft then you will know that it is usually a ‘fight to the death ! '


Torque 1
The flange is fitted by a taper and also a woodruff key and normally it hasn’t been apart for a very long time. If, however you need to renew the bearings in the torque tube then off it must come.

It is virtually impossible to take it off with the torque tube still connected to the rear axle ( unless you have an excellent workshop facilities and a very controlled source of heat ! ) Before you remove the torque tube undo the nut in the centre of the flange as it is easier to do this while the axle prevents the pinion shaft from turning, now remove the torque tube from the axle and set it in a really good steady vice so that you have easy access to the flange.


Torque 4

Now, using a three leg puller apply some force to the flange outer and the pinion shaft as in the photo, do NOT apply excessive force as the flange will distort very easily. Now with a heavy gas torch apply heat to the flange, try and avoid heating the shaft too much, apply the torch flame to the out edge of the flange.




Torque 6

Finally, with a big hammer, hit the screw shaft of the puller which will shock the shaft out of the centre of the flange. If it doesn’t shift, apply a little more force of the puller, a little more heat and repeat with the hammer. One quick heavy blow is all that should be needed, don’t hit with a series of blows as this will cause damage to the shaft and the puller.





This article, written by Malcolm Watts, originally appeared in CA7C Seven Focus in Mar 2007 pp20-21.

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