Temporary High Reflective number plates for 'Sevens'

During Easter 2000 nearly 100 pre-war Austins, mainly Austin Sevens, will have travelled from John O'Groats to Lands End. Many of these cars will have been on the road during the hours of darkness and anything that will help improve the visibility of the car has to be a benefit.
A pair of self adhesive high reflective number plates, the relevant letters and numbers for your car and a piece of magnetic sign material large enough for two number plates.
Simply make up the number plates as if they were to be permanently attached to the car but stick them onto the magnetic material and cut to the size of your existing number plates. When you are driving at night simply place over the existing number plate, when on the rally field (or during the day) simply take off and apply to the bodywork under the rear seat. (magnetism seems to be retained better if the magnet is applied to a iron surface.)

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Author: Original author of this idea unknown.