Glovebox Liner
This information was obtained from a 1935 ( April ) ARQ Ruby Saloon.


The Glove compartment liner is made from four pieces of cardboard approximately 2mm thick.  It has to be cardboard as there is a certain amount of bending to get it into the dashboard compartment.  All parts of the liner are covered in the headlining fabric.   For other models of the 'Seven' construct a template to obtain the required dimensions.

Measurements are in Centimetres (cm).


Liner 1a

The front/base of the pocket; the straight long edge goes into the deepest part of the pocket.  








Liiner 1b


Dimensions of front/base.







The lower edge fits immediately behind the surface of the dashboard. It is necessary to roll this front edge to follow the contours of the dash, tuck the front edge down below the bottom edge of the opening.




Liner 2a


The back and sides assembly.





Dimensions of back and sides.

Liner 2b

The back and two sides are joined using the fabric of the back to make the join.  Instead of taking the fabric around and glueing to the reverse of the back all round, where the two sides attach the 'tail' or 'return' is glued to the reverse of the sides.  

The two sides folded flat onto the back, to insert the liner into the dashboard.  Feed it lengthways into the opening then rotate it.  This is where you will need to bend the card to get it to enter the opening.  Once in flatten the back and open out the two sides. The pointed part of the two sides fit into the deepest part of the compartment.  

Liner 3a

General layout sketch.

Liner 3b

This article was prepared in July 2001 by Malcolm Watts.

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