King Pin Renwal
From Practical Motorist and Motor Cyclist, January 1955.

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King Pin Renewal 1

Warning:  On the above page at Col 3; 1st new para, line 4 - the reader is advised to remove the cotter prior to removing the king pin.  This is not possible on the Austin Seven because the cotter has a half moon in it which acts as a clamp onto the side of the king pin.  It is necessary to loosen the nut from the cotter to allow movement and unlock the king pin. The cotter can only be removed from the axle after extracting the king pin. King pin kits come with new cotters - do not re-use the old one.

King Pin Renewal 2

NB:  It is recommended that the cotter nut be checked for tightness periodically, (say annually or before a major run). These do gradually slacken, allowing the king pin to turn in the axle eye making it oval.  Once this has happened, the only recourse is to have the axle re-forged. Never attempt to bore out and sleeve the axle eye as this will weaken it.

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