Maintenance and overhaul of the Austin Seven pt 2
From Practical Motorist, April 27 1940.

The second of two articles covering:

Engine bearings;  Gearbox;  Propeller shaft;   Fitting rubber joint cover:
Rea Axle;  Axle Leakage;  Renewing the Crown Wheel;
Re-assembling the Torque Tube;  Front Axle;  Steering Adjustments.   

A7 Maint pt 2 1

A7 Maint pt2 2

A7 Maint pt2 3


See also:

Maintenance and Overhaul of the Austin 7 part 1

Valve cotters;  Removing the Cylinder Block;  Piston Clearnace;  Pistion Rings:
Replacing the Block;  Main bearings;  Clutch attemtion;  Front Bearing

Care and Maintenance of an Austin Seven  From The Motor, June 14 1927.

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