Meccano Model - Austin Seven

Last November (2015)  I received an email via the Club website.  

“Hello, my name is Eric Bond and my hobby is building scale models with vintage Meccano. Having had a 1933 Austin 7 when I was a teenager I thought it would be good to build a model of one at around 1/6 th scale.    With this in mind I wonder if  you could put me in touch with someone who can give me a few measurements.”  

I sent Eric an annotated diagram of an RP Box Saloon from ‘The Austin Seven Source Book’ by Bryan Purves with a request for photos of the finished project. I have now received the following from Eric, with photos.  I wonder how many folk have created a Meccano Seven?

“Hello Doug, you may remember some months ago you kindly sent me the  dimensions of an Austin 7 to assist me in building a model in vintage Meccano.   At long last it is finished  and I enclose some photos of it. It is 1:6 scale it has a3 speed gearbox, hence the lever at the rear end.  It has working lights, horn and the small mock engine under the bonnet has a rotating 2 blade fan. I hope this is of interest. Once again many thanks Eric.”  

Meccano 7 - 1Meccano 7 - 3


Meccano 7 - 6

Eric mentioned a little bit about himself.  "I  live in Taunton Somerset and have been modelling in Meccano for approximately 7 years.  I learnt my trade as a motor engineer and had great delight when at the age of 17 I bought my first car, an Austin 7, for £7-10-0 (£7-50).  I remember the insurance cost me as much as the car and 3 months tax was £3-8-9 or £12-10-0 (£12-50) a year.  The reg no was OD 4672 it was a1933 model.  Over a 3year period I gave it a rebore, crank regrind, fitted the Bowdenex brake conversion and I remember fitting locking door handles. I finally sold it for £15-0-0, not bad doubling my money.

Eric's Seven does not appear on the A7CA Chassis register (March 2016)


Meccao 7 - 2Meccano 7 - 4

This article, by Doug Castle, appeared in Seven Focus, Apr 2016 pp22-23.