Event Reports - an aide memoire

The Events Diary looks interesting and with more events to be added during the year all members will have several opportunities to enjoy driving their Seven somewhere in the County. We are unlikely to see 20 – 25 Sevens supporting the monthly runs as we did in the Club’s heyday, but 8 – 12 would be a good start and a manageable number. Perhaps many of our favourite local shows will re-appear this summer after the two-year absence, but we should not be surprised if some do not. Attending local summer shows/rallies helps to promote our Club, Austin Sevens, and the wider historic car movement.

An event is not over until a report has appeared in the next issue of the Club's magazine and a summary published on the website. It reveals that we have an active membership who enjoy driving their Sevens and may encourage other members to support future events if they have not yet done so.  Reports on events out of County, and your solo outings, are also of interest to other members.

Conceivably the lack of a report in the magazine may be construed as an insult to the organiser who has put a lot of effort into preparing the event, whether it be a route and venues for a run, a Club holiday or a gathering for a party or BBQ.

Most of our members must have written letters, or reports, for personal and work-related reasons and, therefore, should be able to write an interesting article. The aim is to hold the readers interest and make them feel that they have missed something, without the text being too long. The approach is simply to recollect the sequence of phases during the event.

Every event has a name/title so that is a good place to start along with the date.


Finally, whatever the event, do please thank the organiser(s) by name, they have put in a lot of effort for your benefit.

 Illustrating the report with photographs is really a ‘must do’. Sadly, a photo of a line of parked Sevens, sans occupants, outside a café is not overly exciting, but better than nothing. The aim of any event is to enjoy driving our Sevens so action photos of cars being driven along the lanes, through fords, stopped with a breakdown or participating in party games are preferrable. If you can find a convenient place during the run, hop out and photograph a Seven or two following behind. Try and arrange it before the off so that the other drivers are aware of your intention and cars can be spaced out to give you time to be in position and to photograph them individually. If there is a route then liaise with the organiser to go ahead and be in position at an interesting place for a few photos.

Reports 1Reports 2


 If you intend to write a report inform the other members supporting the event, and someone else might be able to offer photographs if you cannot. It really does not matter if the Editor has two or three reports of the event, they will all have a different narrative and perspective of the day out. They can be reproduced separately or blended – that is the Editor’s choice. Please, do enjoy the event(s) driving, or displaying, your Seven whilst you can and tell others how much you appreciated the experience.

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This article by Doug Castle, appeared in Seven Focus, February 2022 pp 6 - 9.