Austin Seven 122mph Racer
 from Autocar October 20, 1933.



My Box Saloon was first registered in March 1934, and I’ve been reasonably diligent in making sure it has good king pins, an appropriate castor angle on the front axle, and well set up wheels with good tyres.

Never the less, at speeds above about 50mph, I am certainly very conscious of it’s overly positive steering and tendency to sniff the hedges if the road is uneven.

So the thought, even on a track, of taking a Seven to 122MPH gives me the shivers. I dread to think how fast that fabric coupling is flying round, just a thin floor skin away from the driver’s ankles….




122mph Article


This article was sourced by Geoff Hardman and appeared in Seven Focus, September 2021 pp24 - 25.


Editors Note:
The Austin Motor Co Ltd had a very successful racing team establishing many speed, time/distnac endurance records and class wins on the track.  Two excellent books cover this topic in great detail.

Austin Seven Competition History

BK A7 Comp History

The details of almost all known competition appearances of the Austin Seven between 1922 and 1939.  376 pages A4 hardbound with 120 photographs.  Originally from; Twincam Ltd., Bigenor, Petworth, West Sussex GU28 0JP.  (NB.  This book now seems to only be available from internet markets at rather high prices. (Nov 2015)


Austin Racing History

BK Racing History
An illustrated narrative of Austin Motor Co. involvement in motor sport from 1906 to 1939 with specifications of the cars involved.  by Roland C Harrison and first pub. 1949 by Motor Racing Publications Ltd., Abingdon-on-Thames.  Both hardback and paperback editions avalable from online markets at varying prices.