Links to other Austin Seven Clubs etc.

The links listed are with Clubs and organisations with a specific,
or strong interest, in pre-war Austin Sevens.
NB: Several Clubs worldwide do not have a website.  For a full listing of contacts for Austin Seven Clubs
worldwide and model registrars please go to

Austin Seven Clubs in UK
Austin Seven Clubs Association
Austin Seven Owners Club London * Bristol Austin Seven Club
Cambridge Austin Seven Club Cheshire Sevens Group
Devon Austin Seven Club Dorset Austin Seven Club
Essex Austin Seven Club Hereford Austin Seven Club
Midlands Austin Seven Club Norfolk Austin Seven Club
Pre-War Austin Seven Club * Scottish Austin Seven Club
Solent Austin Seven Club South Wales Austin Seven Club
The On-Line Austin Seven Club The 750 Motor Club *
* These A7 Clubs each has several Centres over a wide area; see A7CA website
Other UK Clubs with interest in Austin Sevens
Beds & Herts Vintage & Classic Car Club Bongtree Austin Seven Club
Braintree, Essex. (no website)
Cornwall Vintage Vehicle Society Isle of Wight Austins
North Hants Austin Enthusiasts Group North of England Classic and
Pre-war Automobiles
Ulster Pre-War Austin Club Vintage Austin Register
Overseas Austin Seven Clubs
Austin Seven Club Deutschland Dutch Pre-War Austin Seven Owners Club
Austin 7 Club France Austin Seven Club of Germany
  Austin-Freunde (Switzerland)
Australia Austin 7 Club (Melbourne) Austin Seven Club of South Australia
Austin Seven Club of New South Wales Austin Seven Register of Queensland
Austin Seven Club of Western Australia Austin Seven Club of Victoria
American Austin Bantam Club Austin Bantam Society
Austin Seven Club of South Africa Irish Austin Seven Club
The Vintage Austin Register of NZ
There are also Austin Seven Clubs in:
Canada;  India;  Jamaica;  Japan; 
Italy;  Norway and Sri Lanka.

which only offer an email address for the current Secretary
so please look at

Austin Seven Specialist Registers
Some  Austin Seven models have a specialist register, see:
General Interest sites
Andy's Austin Seven Pages Guy Weatherall Technical Pages
Austin Memories  
Specific Interest sites

The Nippy/65 Archive

The RK/RF resource
Ulster/SWB Sports archive Austin Seven RP - 1934 (German)
Austin Seven Friends  
History of the Austin Motor Co. Ltd.

Austin Memories.
For an extensive coverage of the history, and production,
of the Austin Motor Co. Ltd. at Longbridge
visit John Baker's excellent website

Grace’s Guide to British Industry.
There is a lot of historical information about the Austin Motor Co. Ltd at 
and the sub-section