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Austin Seven Centenary Year News - 7th December 2022

Dear Austin Seven Enthusiast,


Following the ending of the Centenary Event a job of work began to gather and to collate photographs of what went on. Tim Griffiths is still manfully wading through the enormous quantity that many people so kindly sent in.

Some time in the new year there will be a professional presentation published but in the meantime, as the weather gets colder and the nights get longer, we thought you would like to wander back down memory lane and enjoy a random selection of images from that extraordinary week last July.

The photos are in a gallery on the Centenary website. Click here to view.


Austin Seven Centenary Year News - 25th November 2022

Dear Austin Seven Enthusiast,


Ever since we heard that the Centenary Event was in the running for this award we have had our collective fingers crossed for success, and last night our hopes and dreams came true.

Coming on top of the recognition bestowed by Octane Magazine's Historic Motoring Awards, and the Classic & Sportscar Club Awards, the third cherry on the Centenary Event cake has arrived in the form of this fantastic award from the world-renowned Royal Automobile Club.

We were finalists alongside Concours on Savile Row and The Sir Jackie Stewart Classic – presented by Rolex, so in very rarified company. But in the end the Centenary Event triumphed.

The judges said: "Separating our top three proved incredibly difficult for the judges, but in the final reckoning it was the truly remarkable, once-in-a-lifetime gathering of 1000 Austin Sevens that got the nod. As spectacular to look at as it was fascinating, the week-long gathering was a collaboration between the Austin Seven clubs and included road runs, a sprint event at Prescott, a pop-up museum and more. A worthy tribute to an iconic car."

On behalf of the organising team, Paul Lawrence, the secretary of the A7CA (and truly a tireless worker before, during, and after the Centenary Event!) was at the RAC Club to receive the trophy and said, 'it was a real honour to accept the award on behalf of all those involved in the event'.

What a fitting reward for everyone who took part in supporting, organising or participating in the Centenary Event and the associated Festival at Prescott!

Kind regards Nick Salmon For the A7CA Centenary Event team







































































Austin Seven Centenary Year News - 12th November 2022

Dear Austin Seven Enthusiast,

Just this morning we have learned that the Centenary Event has won an award that we didn't even know it was entered for! It was 'truly a once-in-a-lifetime event' but it is wonderful to have that fact recognised publicly.

We also acknowledge the tremendous contribution to this win that was made by Charlie Plain-Jones and his willing band of helpers at the Prescott Festival during the Centenary Event week.

Now we eargerly await the results of the other two awards that I told you about in the last newsletter and we'll know those in the next couple of weeks.

Below is a screenshot from the awards web page:


Kind regards Nick Salmon For the A7CA Centenary Event team


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