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FBHVC 100The April 2022 Newsletter No 02 2022 is at  Newsletter Archive | Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs (  p4 Legislation DEFRA Landscapes Review Consultation; p6 DVLA Kits & Rebuilds and First Registrations info; p7 Fuel Guidance on the use of Red Diesel 8 Technical & Events List Your Club Event online; p9 Archives & Museums GBCJ & British Motor Museum updates; p10 Vic Elford FBHVC & FIVA mourn ‘Quick Vic’ ; p11 Making Tax Digital A guide to getting tax right; p13 Tree-V Update It’s been a busy couple of months; p14 Practical Classics Classic Car & Restoration Show FBHVC had a strong presence at this year’s event; p21 Secretarial News Including a report from Club Expo 2022; p24 One Family’s Passion An amazing fleet of classic British vans & lorries on display; p26 Motoring Jewellery Restoring the headlights on the 1972 Wings Tour Bus WNO481; p28 World’s Fastest Jensen An early 2022 technical update; p30 Club News All the latest from around the clubs


A7CA 100

A7CA Centenary Rally - REGALIA CLOTHING - A range of Centenary branded items can be purchased at:




A7CA 100

A7CA - Centenary Rally 2022

The Association is organising a celebration Rally in 2022 to mark 100 years of the birth of the Austin Seven at

The Rally will take place on 19th - 24th July 2022 at the Fire Service College, Moreton in Marsh, Gloucestershire. Those who are able devote more time to the celebrations will be able to enjoy an entire week of activities which will commence at the college from Monday 18th July.  All entry tickets, 2500, have been sold and no more will be made available.  1050 Sevens have been entered.

The Association is asking for volunteers at

FBHVC 100FBHVC has announced the launch of the Carbon Balancing Scheme for Historic Vehicles.  

Carbon offset

Images are available from:

FBHVCFBHVC has issued a Position Statement on the Federation’s position on the Future of Transport Regulatory Review.  

CA7C 100Facebook Sites You may well have noticed that we seem to have two Facebook sites. The committee feel that this is a bit confusing and have agreed to have just the one site -  The Friends of the Cornwall Austin Seven Club.

The committee also feel that it should be open to anyone to request to join the group, as a way of promoting our existence to non-members and encouraging them to join. It will continue to be made clear that joining the Facebook site does not mean that they are a club members and that the site will contain information aimed at members.

The site will be one of our communication methods.  Focus will continue to be our main way of communicating with members, with the website and Facebook being open and public ways of communicating with members and non members.