Ladies also drive ‘Sevens’

We see so many men driving, displaying and working on, historic vehicles that it is easy think it is a ‘men only thing’.  Lady owner/drivers have been welcomed since the Club was formed, several being Founder Members (F) in joint membership with their husbands, others in their own right.  They have driven their ‘Seven’ regularly on Club events, holidays and attended rallies whilst some have also tackled the JoGLE (874 miles from John O'Groats to Land's End).

Over the years we remember  Lorna Blewett (F) and her beloved 'Tilly' supported Club events and holidays abroad having been an experienced long-distance driver taking the car to Czechoslovakia via Germany and Poland in 1959 with her husband Ken, who did not drive.  Ann Brown (F) and her left-hand drive 1934 Tourer supported Club runs and holidays abroad.  Cindy Watts (F) and her 1934 RP, named 'Bluebell', was another lady who enjoyed Club runs and holidays.  Sadly they are no longer with us.

Dot Simpson (F) was often on Club runs with her Special but moved away from Cornwall; Jenny Gardner and her 1936 Opal; Ann Lewis had a 1935 Ruby; Wendy Waters also drove a 1935 Ruby and supported many runs with her husband Donald.

Dorothy Murrish (F) drove a 1933 RP, she had named 'Amanda', and was a regular on Club events enjoying trips to Holland, twice to Brittany, Southern Ireland, Wales, Le Mans in France where she drove round the Bugatti circuit.  She also did the JoGLE in 2000 driving through the night to complete the journey in 22 hours and 30 mins. 

Mary Hardman, a past Chair, shared a 1934 RP with her husband Geoff, also a past Chair, enjoying Club events and were part of a regular group going to Brittany.  Lorna Cann drove her 1936 Opal for several years.

Sadly some of them decided to sell their Sevens due to age-related health problems.  For many years 8-10 lady drivers were part of the group of 25+ Sevens enjoying Club runs and displaying their Sevens at local summer shows.


The Ladies who are currently driving on Club events are:

 RJ Alex
Regi J (F)
Regi is one of our most experienced lady drivers who bought a 1933 RP Saloon as a wreck in 1989.  After much work by husband Andrew it was on the road in 1992 and with barely 50 miles of ‘Austin Seven’ driving experience she drove from John O Groats to Lands End (the JoGLE) in 44 hours  After that she made two double End to Ends, the last return trip in 23 hours and 13 minutes. 

Regi has also been on holidays to Scotland, Wales, Ireland, France and Jersey plus several holidays in Devon, and as a regular on Club events she has driven just over 50,000 miles to date.  In all that time only a condenser has been replaced at the road side, also one puncture and a few blocked jets!

Regi also owns a 1929 Van Type AD manufactured by Thomas Startin of Birmingham, which is also driven on events.


SD Ruby

Sue D (F)
Sue has also been driving her 1937 Ruby for many years.   With her husband John (F) they used to drive two Sevens on some events with their young family in the back seats.  Now their eldest son has his own 1933 RP Saloon.


Tamsin C (F)
Tamsin bought a 1931 RM Saloon in 1998.   She did the 2000 JoGLE and a solo JoGLE as a holiday a few years later via Kent!.  With a friend the longest holiday was to Ypres and then enjoyed the Club holiday to Le Mans.  She has throughout her membership supported many Club events.




Kathryn D JoGLE 2012 tr
Kathryn D
Kathryn is an ocassional driver and completed the 2012 JoGLE in 22 hrs 4 mins as co-driver with her partner Mike (F).

Mulliner 1931 tr

Tammy V-R

Tammy and her husband have had several years involvement with historic vehicles.  In 2023 they fulfiled a long-held wish and bought a 1931 Mulliner to enjoy on Club events.

Tammy V-R tr1

You'll probably spot Tammy a mile away as she is always dressed in bright colours, has a rather large collection of vintage hats, handbags and has a thing for turbans.

Nel T

Nel started driving the family's 1935 Ruby MK1 when husband Mike suffered a period of poor health, as they continued to support Club events.

Claire R
Claire bought a 1933 RP Saloon from a Club member in 2023 and hopes to soon be enjoying it on Club runs.

Several other ladies also drive occasionally, but are not necessarily owner/drivers.

The pleasures of owning and driving an Austin Seven can be enjoyed by both men and ladies.  CA7C offers a lot of technical support for the ladies who are not so mechanically knowledgeable or able.  So long as the owner/driver can carry out the basic maintenance checking and topping up the oil and water, the tyre pressures and a few other minor things, then any lady driver can soon be enjoying the freedom of driving an Austin Seven.