Help at the Roadside

Stuck at the roadside and you are looking for some advice.  Check the following articles.

Firstly do try and do something to help yourself; only call the Recovery Service if you really have to.

Most of the breakdowns are either fuel or electrical and can be found, and solved, reasonably
quickly by following the advice in the relevant article.

If you have heard banging and clattering noises, found a hole in the side of the
block, or a pool of oil forming underneath then it is a recovery job!


Do feel free to copy these articles, laminate them, and carry them in your 'Seven'.


First a warning: In the event of a breakdown think road safety; have you got a hi-visibility jacket for yourself and passengers?  If so wear it.  Can you place a warning triangle, or a person safely, back down the road?  Make sure you collect the triangle and person afterwards.

Roadside Electrical Breakdown
(the engine dies or refuses to start)

Testing Electrics on an Historic Car

Fuel starvation - Cause of Breakdown 
Fuel System Explained


Of course, you will not be able to fix the problem if you do not carry the tools and spares.

Breakdown Spares and Tools