Event Reports
short reports of events, holidays and shows enjoyed
by our members in the past four months.

Our members are always out and about with their 'Sevens'

The main aim of CA7C is to encourage members to drive their 'Sevens' whenever possible, even throughout the winter months when, surprisingly, quite a few members do enjoy being out and about on the colder winter-time runs.  However, we do draw the line on the very wettest of days as there is no point driving in bad weather with the non-optional water entry around the ill-fitting windows and doors!   Mostly we are able to enjoy warm, sunny days with Cornwall's splendid inland and coastal scenery at its best whatever the season of the year.

These edited reports were written by members and are taken from our monthly magazine, Seven Focus.

Hawkins Garage - 19 February
Hawkins 1
As Austineers, we are used to meeting others who are passionate and knowledgeable about classic machines. That was certainly true for this month’s club run to the motorbike collection of John Hawkins in St. Stephens.  For those of us in the west, we met at the Waitrose car park in Truro and a quick visit to the cafe for coffee. We then had a run up to the Par garden centre to meet the others for coffee (again) a light lunch and a good natter.  


We then set off to St. Stephen (mainly one long traffic jam) to meet John Hawkins. We received a very warm welcome from John and were offered coffee and cake (well we hadn’t had any for at least thirty minutes).  I was expecting to find a collection of part restored bikes in a shed in a far flung corner of the site. What we actually found was a small museum at the back of the main building in the dealership.  

Hawkins 2Billy Hawkins started the interest in Motorcycles back in 1933 riding his Scott Squirrel to work from Truro. This bike was sold to help start the dealership in 1940, which first sold tractors, cars and cycles and motorcycles, and then from 1946 were agents for British brands like Rial, BSA, Norton, Vincent, Scott and AJS. Once cars became cheaper in the 1960s many bikes were part exchanged and stored at the dealership and restored to their former glory with the help of experienced restorer Les Willis. The museum opened in 2002 and is home to over forty motorbikes. It is open to the public, free of charge Monday to Thursday 9.00 - 3.00 pm with a cafe on site.  

With thanks to John Hawkins for making us so welcome at this fantastic local site. For more information visit their website https://www.hawkins.co.uk/motorcycle-museum/

Souper Run - 7 January
The weather was far from promising, with gun metal skies and the threat of rain as the various Sevens arrived at the Wendron Football Club.  Drivers and passengers scurried into the Club House, out of the chilly wind, for a warming cup of coffee.  Hellos and Happy New Year were exchanged and the usual babble of 'catching up' chat by folk who hadn't met for a while.

Souper RunBefore setting off around 10.45 the organiser explained that two different sets of route sheets had been handed out meaning around half of the cars would be travelling in one direction and the other half in the exact opposite direction, then, off you go!   The route that all who had route sheet 1 took involved turning left at the T junction at the end of the lane from the Football Club. Passing through Carnkie and by various small roads and unsigned water and mud filled lanes we drove through Crowan and on to Praze-an-Beeble where, after a short stretch of the main Helston/Camborne road the route again took to narrow, wet lanes with high Cornish hedges on either side.  Here we met a learner driver who had to practice reversing for some way until there was an area wide enough for two cars to pass!

By this time the rain that had been threatening arrived and reduced visibility considerably.  The remainder of the run was a blur of mud and water!  After a brief flirtation with the A393 we found ourselves in more familiar territory and after further twists and turns recognised the 'gravel dump' where we turned, following the road until turning off a final time to Carnmenellis where hot, delicious soup awaited us.  A brilliant and well planned run with delicious vegetable soup, a very enjoyable day!  

Dinner 1
Christmas Meal - 3 December
Thirty four enjoyed the Christmas meal at the Plume of Feathers in Mitchell.   There was a choice of two or three courses from an excellent and varied menu to suit all tastes.

Treasure Hunt - 11 November

It was good to see six cars attend the Treasure Hunt Challenge.  Members were advised not to share their answers as it's been known in the past that the winner has had the honour of planning a Club run.  Not today!  Today the one with the least correct answers will be given the honour!  

Just a few of the questions, answers and pictures of the day.  

Treas Hunt 1

1. How many soldiers are on the flag to the carpark? (7)

Treas Hunt 2

2. In Cubert Square what is the lady statue doing? (Saluting).

Treas Hunt 3

3. At Crantock Square what is crocheted in purple wool, (horses).

Treas Hunt 4

4. At East Pentire Headland Green carpark what can you see looking south between Crantock and West Pentire?( St Agnes Beacon).

Treas Hunt 5

5. The old lifeboat house on the headland Newquay. When was it built and when did it close.(1899, 1934).                  

Members met afterwards for the marking and everyone enjoyed the day.

Wednesday Runs - West Cornwall

The Wednesday Runs continue throughout theAutimn and Winter months meeting at different venues around Redruth the routes wander around the lanes of West Cornwall, stopping for a coffee break and picnic, weather permitting.  The group is usually made up of four to eigth cars.  A recent run starting at Praze an Beeble met with flooded lanes but our Sevens made it through and enjoyed the lanes of Penwith before a lunch stop.

Weds 1Weds 2Weds 3