Event Reports
short reports of events, holidays and shows enjoyed
by our members in the past four months.

Our members are always out and about with their 'Sevens'

The main aim of CA7C is to encourage members to drive their 'Sevens' whenever possible, even throughout the winter months when, surprisingly, quite a few members do enjoy being out and about on the colder winter-time runs.  However, we do draw the line on the very wettest of days as there is no point driving in bad weather with the non-optional water entry around the ill-fitting windows and doors!   Mostly we are able to enjoy warm, sunny days with Cornwall's splendid inland and coastal scenery at its best whatever the season of the year.

These edited reports were written by members and are taken from our monthly magazine, Seven Focus.

Lizard Lanes Take 3 - 1 October
It looked good when ten Sevens lined up for the start of the run at Helston Sainsbury's.  Due to bad weather forecasts on the previous ocassions this was the third attempt at organising and leading this run and things were looking up.  Oh no, the excellent cafe at Sainsbury's was closed !!!!.  No caffeine before the run to calm one's nerves  

The Lizard Peninsula is a joy to explore with more country lanes than "A" roads. Tree tunnels with falling leaves, up hill and down dale, open landscapes, farmland surrounded by a rugged coast line.  It is unique in this Country.  In St Martin-in-Meneage there is the lovely church where once a year during the daffodil season it is filled with thousands of daffodils from the local growers. The sight and smell is something recommended to all "green fingers" amongst us.  Onto the Helford Passage, Gear Farm with its reputation for fresh produce and pasties still being run as a family business.  

The slow descent into Gweek and the first view of the many creeks on this peninsula. Through the town and turn left where the lovely thatched cottage is. Another sharp left at the crossroad takes you up, with a tree filled valley on the right, and towards the farmlands where the tractor is king.  When you stop to let one of these modern tractors pass, with the top of your head inline with the front axle, you realise how small our Sevens are.

Unscathed we arrived at the very dangerous Traboe cross roads south of the Goonhilly Earth Station. Here the open moorland is unique to the Lizard peninsula and in fact the country.  With the added attraction of animals grazing on the heath land, it is an amazing landscape where you can see for miles due to the flat terrain.  

Lunch was on the Lizard Green where the majority enjoyed their picnics and a few took shelter in the Regency Cafe. The afternoon run was short and sweet, driving through Mullion towards Poldhu Cove with its thundering Atlantic waves.  A steep climb out towards Cury, passing the well manicured greens of the golf course and its hardy golfers and the finish at Tesco's in Helston.

Village Summer Shows

Some of our members have been attending the local village shows which have returned this summer after the two year break.  Events have been well supported by car owners, mostly post-war marques with often several hundred on site, but there was a noticeable lack of table-top sales pitches and entertainment at some events.

Shows 1

WESES Steam Rally - 19-21 August

As usual CA7C had a reserved area to display our 'Sevens' which attracted many people keen to ask questions and compliment members on their well looked after cars.


Austin's London to Brighton (Cornish style) - 31 July

Eventually nine cars arrived at the Chainsaw lay-by” just before the Hewas Water turn off the A390.and although we had route instructions, a semi-convoy was established for the benefit of the solo drivers.  A few lanes later and it is into London Apprentice and the start!   All went smoothly until the leader turned the wrong way at the junction in Luxulyan, despite others frantically indicating “LEFT”.   Fortunately it was soon sorted and we were back on track. One group  peeled off at Kingsley Village and so by the time we arrived at Brighton Cross, it was a slightly diminished group.  Being Sunday we could park in the entrance to the Garden Machinery site as otherwise there was nowhere to have a chat.  Four cars then went on to have an excellent meal at the Plume of Feathers in Mitchell.

Brighton 1Brighton 2


A7CA Austin Seven Centenary Rally - 19 - 24 July 2022

The event attracted well over a thousand Sevens.  From 26 who entered for the event 23 members attended, with some volunteering to help run things.  Whilst some trailered their Sevens a few drove about 700 hundred miles altogether without any problems.  

Cent Rally 1Cent Rally 2

Members met up with many old friends and made some new ones. It was an amazing event that exceeded expectations and is unlikely to be repeated in our lifetime.  

Cent Rally 3Cent Rally 4

Cent Rally 5Cent Rally 6

Wednesday Runs - West Cornwall

Wednesday Run

The Wednesday Runs continue throughout the summer months meeting at different venues around Redruth the routes wander around the lanes of West Cornwall, stopping for a coffee break and picnic, weather permitting.  The group is usually made up of four to eigth cars.