The RP Saloon

The Austin Seven

The Austin Seven is acknowledged to be the best small car in the world.

It is designed for, and will carry in comfort, four adults up to a weight of 40 stones.

There are five models made, the Tourer, the Saloon with fixed head, the de luxe Saloon, the Two-Seater and Sports Two-Seater.  The Tourer, with its  easily operated hood, and side curtains that open with the doors, provides complete protection in even the most inclement weather.  The closed models are alike in general lines and equipment.  Particularly good features are the wide doors with one-piece windows, which are mechanically raised or lowered.  The large single panel windscreen, that can be opened wide, and secured by an ingenious lever fastening, easily reached from the driver's seat, is another advantage.

Both front seats tilt forward and allow ready access to the rear seats or luggage space.

The Sports model is a low compact fast car.  Its name accurately describes the two-seater.

It has a 4-cylinder, water cooled engine, synchromesh gears, and bevel drive through the differential.  Lubrication is by pump, and cooling is on the thermo-syphon system and by fan.

The complete equipment includes electric hand starting and lighting switches, air strangler, electric horn, speedometer, automatic windscreen wiper, direction indicators, license holder, shock absorbers, spare wheel and tyre and blank number plates.  All fittings are chromium plated, except the wheel centres which are of stainless steel.

The hand lever and pedal each apply brakes to all four wheels which carry 3.50 x 19 Dunlop tyres.

The Austin Seven is particularly suitable for the woman driver.  It requires little physical effort to drive and control, and for that reason its use enables her to do shopping calls without fatigue, visit her fiends, attend social and other functions, or make excursions or trips in any direction in any weather.  For the same reasons business men find it an excellent vehicle, and commercial travellers and others whose occupation compels frequent calls over an extended area, have in the little car an  embodiment of all they require.  Calls can be made in places where trains, trams and 'buses are infrequent.

In large establishments where the instant use of a car is of vital importance in cases of emergency, such as sudden illness or accident, the Seven has been installed as a "tender", and in addition to its superiority over large unwieldy cars for short runs, has proved a real time and money saver.

As 45 to 50 miles per gallon is the average petrol consumption, the cost of transit is below the cost of fares on any public conveyance, and in this particular the Austin Seven has no rival.

Its speed, economy, reliability and road-holding qualities have been admitted beyond dispute.

Thousands of motorists have had their first experiences on a "Seven", thousands more will follow them.

Having successfully passed through a decade of severe use and trial, it has emerged a really successful and popular favourite; and its splendid qualities are internationally recognised.



Dimensions Full car length 9ft 11in (3,023mm);
Full car width (over door handles) 4ft 3in (1,295mm); Wheelbase 6ft 9in (2,059mm);
Track 3ft 4in (1,016mm);
Ground clearance 8¾in (222mm).
Engine Four-cylinder, water cooled, detachable head.
Bore 2.2in (56mm), Stroke 3in (76mm); 747.5cc
Brake horsepower 10.5 at 2,400 rev.
RAC rating 7.8hp
Ignition: Coil.
Oil circulation: by pump.
Cooling: Thermo-syphon with film radiator and fan.
Roller crankshaft bearings.
Starter Electrical.
Clutch Single plate.
Gearbox Four speeds forward, and a reverse. Synchromesh engagement for third and top speeds.  2nd, 3rd and top speeds being in constant mesh ensure silent running.  Ratios 22.94; 13.85; 8.73 and 5,25 to 1.
Ball bearings throughout.
Rear Axle ¾-floating, with differential and torque tube.  Ball bearings and thrusts throughout. 
Final drive by shaft and spiral bevel.
Springs ½-elliptical cross spring in front.
Quarter elliptics at rear.
Shock absorbers are fitted to front and rear.
Steering Worm and wheel, having provision for taking up wear.
Front Axle Forged "H file" section.
Brakes On all four wheels; easily adjustable.  Both hand and foot brakes operate on all four wheels.
Wheels Special wire detachable fitted with Dunlop 3.50 x 19 tyres.  One spare wheel with tyre.
Controls Ball change speed gear lever and brake lever mounted centrally. 
Gas and ignition control levers mounted on the steering wheel and dip and switch for headlights on column under steering wheel. 
Foot accelerator is also provided.
Petrol tank 5 gallon tank at rear.  Fuel supply is by petrol pump.
Lighting By gear-driven dynamo, with accumulators and dimmer.
Bodywork Two bucket seats for driver and passenger, both being hinged to allow easy entrance to rear seat. Rear seat to carry two or three children. 
Ample tool accommodation under seats.  Spare wheel and tyre carried on back of car. 
On touring model, hood, single piece screen and full side screens (those over the doors that open with them). 
Electric horn, and speedometer, direction indicators, automatic windscreen wiper, driving mirror and licence holder.
Workmanship and materials Austin quality.


Tools Supplied

¼" and 3/16" box spanner.
/16" and 3/8" box spanner.
5/8" and 3/4" box spanner.
/16" and ¼" double open-ended spanner.
/16" and 3/8" double open-ended spanner.
/16" and ½" double open-ended spanner.
Adjustable spanner, 4".
Hub-cap and steering column sleeve spanner.
Ignition spanner.
Tappet adjusting spanner.
2 Radiator hose clips.
1 Extra ignition key.
Spanner for monobloc nuts.
Tool wrap.
Sparking-plug box spanner and tommy bar.
Brace for detachable wheels.
Tyre lever.
Tyre pump.
Lifting jack with handle.
Sparking plug and tappet clearance gauge.
Grease gun with adaptor.
Valve-spring lifter.
Combination pliers.
Hub extractor and screw

A spare cylinder-head joint washer is also supplied.


From The Handbook of the Austin Seven
Publication 972c.  Oct 1933.
The Austin Motor Company Co Ltd., Longbridge, Birmingham.

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