Austin Big Seven Lubrication Chart

Austin Big 7 Lub Chart

Weekly Attentions

1.    Examine oil level in the crankcase and add more oil if necessary. The dip rod indicates the level of the oil.  Change the oil first at 500 miles (800 km), then every 2,000 to 3,000 miles (3,200 to 4,800 km) when the oil reservoir gauze should be cleaned.  The sump capacity is 5 pints.

2.    With the grease gun charge:
            Front spring shackle pins (4).
            Front axle swivel pins (2).
            Steering cross tube (2).
            Steering side tube joints (2).
            Rear spring pins (2).

3.    Oil the following:
            Footbrake pedal shaft (below steering box). 
            Brake cross shaft bearings (use a brush) handbrake gear, pedal and throttle joints.

4.    Examine the brakes, and adjust if necessary.

5.    Test the tyres for correct pressure, 20 - 24 psi, and examine them for cuts, flints and nails.

Monthly Attentions

1.    Examine the oil level in the gearbox.  It should be level with the filler plug.  Capacity approximately 1½ pints.  Change first at 1,000 miles and then every 6,000 miles.

2.    Charge the back axle case with special lubricant, using the adapter on the grease gun.  Capacity 7/8 pint.

3.    Grease all the hubs.

4.    Charge the steering box with special lubricant.

5.    Oil top of steering column.

6.    Examine the battery, top up if necessary, and see that the connections are tight.   (More frequently in hot weather).

7.    Give a few drops of oil to the distributor spindle bearing.

8.    Grease the front end of the torque tube (behind the gearbox).  Turn the shaft to expose the nipple.

For full details of lubrication refer to the handbook.


From Handbook of the Austin Big Seven Publication No 1523D, September 1938.
The Austin Motor Co Ltd., Birmingham, Longbridge.

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