The AC Tourer Lubrication Chart

AC Tourer Lubrication Chart

Weekly Attentions

1.    With the grease gun charge:
                    Front spring shackle pins (4).
                    Rear spring pins (2).
                    Front wheel swivel pins (2).
                    Steering cross tube (2).
                    Fan bearing. 

2.    Oil the following:
                    Handbrake gear.
                    Pedal gear and jaw joints.
                    Engine control and ball joints.
                    Clutch release ring.
                    Rear brake cam spindles (2).

3.    Examine both sets of brakes, and adjust if necessary.

4.    Inject grease into the universal joint at the rear end of the propeller shaft, and the front end of the torque tube.

5.    Oil the joints of the steering side tube.

6.    Tyres should be examined and tested for pressure, 22 - 25 psi.

Monthly Attentions

1.    Examine the oil level in the gearbox which should contain 2/3 pint, or measure 2 - 2½" deep.

2.    Charge the back axle case with a gunful of grease and oil mixed half and half.

3.    Fill all the hubs with grease.

4.    Charge with grease the steering worm case through the connections.

5.    Examine the battery and see that the connections are tight.

It is advisable to change the oil in the engine entirely after every 2,000 miles running or sooner.

The depth of the oil should never be less than 1" or more than 2½".  It can be measured by a rod inserted through the filler hole.  The gearbox should occasionally be washed, after 4,000 or 5,000 miles, out with paraffin.

Rear axle
Attention every 1,200 to 1,500 miles should be sufficient.


For full details of lubrication refer to the handbook.


From The Handbook of the Austin Seven "Pram Hood Body"
(The AC Tourer, now often referred to as the 'Chummy'.)

10th Edition, Publication 352i.  Early 1925.
The Austin Motor Company Co Ltd., Longbridge, Birmingham.


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