AC Tourer Data

The "Austin Seven"

The "Austin Seven" seats two adults and three small children, or if children are not carried, a large space is available for luggage.  It is not intended to carry four adults, or weight over 30 - 32 stone.  Everyone is brought within the hood, while the car is fitted with a double-windscreen, and side screens, opening with the doors.  It has a 4-cylinder engine, three-speed gearbox, and bevel drive through differential.  Lubrication is by pump, and cooling on the thermo-syphon system and fan. There is an electric starter.  Electric light is fitted, and spare wheel and tyre and shock absorbers are included in the equipment.  Brakes are fitted on all wheels, which are fitted with 26 x 3½" Dunlop balloon cord tyres.  As the body is stove enamelled, the car is extremely easy to keep clean.

This little car, which can be run for about a penny a mile, is an ideal car for a woman to use herself, enabling her to do the shopping without fatigue, to visit her friends more frequently and attend social and recreative functions.  Another appeal is to the business man as it enables the executive to make the utmost use of his time, while his expenditure is no more than it would be on tram or bus fares, and there is no need to point out the value of such a car for the commercial traveller, who can penetrate into districts which poor train services would make it hardly worth his while to cover otherwise.

The "Austin Seven" also serves as a tender for the country house, enabling a servant to go down to the village or post, or to the doctor at any time of the day or night, without the expense and trouble of getting out a big car.  The speed, economy and road holding qualities of this small car place it beyond all comparison with the sidecar combination, and it is in addition, a thoroughly good job, planned and made with the car instead of the motorcycle expert in mind.

Dimensions Full car length 9ft 2in (2,796mm); 
Full car width 3ft 10in (1,169mm);
Wheelbase 6ft 3in (1,905mm);
Track 3ft 4in (1,016mm);
Weight approx 7½ cwt (375kg);
Ground clearance 9in (230mm)
Engine Four-cylinder water cooled detachable head.
Bore 2.2in (56mm), Stroke 3in (76mm); 747.5cc
Brake horsepower 10.5 at 2,400 rev. 
RAC rating 7.8hp
Ignition: Magneto.
Oil circulation by pump.
Cooling: Thermo-syphon with film radiator and fan.
Roller crankshaft bearings.
Starter Electrical.
Clutch Single plate.
Gearbox Three speeds forward, and reverse.
Ratios 4.9 to 1; 9 to 1 and 16 to 1; reverse 12 to 1;
Ball bearings throughout.
Rear Axle Semi-floating, with differential and torque tube. 
Ball bearings and thrusts throughout. 
Final drive by shaft and helical bevel.
Springs Semi-elliptical cross spring in front.
Quarter elliptics at rear.
Shock absorbers are fitted to front and rear.
Steering Worm and wheel, having provision for taking up wear.
Front Axle Forged "H" section.
Brakes On all four wheels; compensated and easily adjustable. 
Hand brake to the front wheels. 
Foot brake to the rear wheels.
Wheels Special wire detachable fitted with 26in x 3½in Dunlop balloon cord tyres. 
One spare wheel with tyre.
Controls Gear lever, in gate, and brake lever mounted centrally.
Throttle and magneto control levers mounted on the steering wheel. 
Foot accelerator is also provided.
Petrol Tank 4 gallons.
Lighting By gear-driven dynamo, with accumulators and dimmer.
Bodywork Two bucket seats for driver and passenger, adjustable and detachable.  Rear seat to carry two or three children.  Ample tool accommodation under seats.  Spare wheel and tyre carried on back of car.  Hood, double screen and full side screens (those over the doors open with them).  Electric horn.  The panels are stove enamelled for durability of finish and ease of cleaning.
Workmanship and Materials Austin quality.


Tools Supplied

¼" and 5/16" box spanner.
/8" and ¾" box spanner.
/16" and ¼" double open-ended spanner.
/16" and 3/8" double open-ended spanner.
/16" and ½" double open-ended spanner.
Adjustable spanner, 4".
Carburettor jet key.
Hub-cap and steering column sleeve spanner.
Magneto spanner.
Tappet adjusting spanner.
Sparking-plug box spanner and tommy bar.
Brace for detachable wheels.
Tyre levers.
Tyre pump.
Lifting jack with handle.
Sparking plug and tappet clearance gauge.
'Enots' grease gun.
Hub greaser extension piece with nipple.
Valve-spring lifter.
Trade-mark cleaning plate.

From The Handbook of the Austin Seven "Pram Hood Body"
(The AC Tourer, now often referred to as the 'Chummy'.)

10th Edition, Publication 352i.  Early 1925.
The Austin Motor Company Co Ltd., Longbridge, Birmingham.



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