Data and Specifications
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This section offers technical information for those rebuilding a 'Seven' engine. 

Technical Data and Specifications for:   Engine Data;    Gearbox Data;    Transmission Data;  Chassis and Suspension Data;     Electrical Data:      Engine output;    Fuel consumption;   Austin Seven Threads;    Torque Values

Frank-Egon Stoll-Berberich of Mendig, Germany and a member of the Austin Seven Club of Germany, has collated the information on these pages and from the Guy Weatherall Technical Pages and produced an excellent brochure which can be downloaded from  


Specifications, Lubrication Chart and Wiring Diagrams for the following models are available:  The AC TourerRP Saloon;  ARQ & ARR Ruby & Variants; CRV & CRW Big Seven.  See also Fitting new wiring loom to Austin Sevens


Car, engine and chassis numbers - a guide to where to find them on your Austin Seven.  To assist you in the identification of all the various serial numbers to be found on Austin Sevens please have a look at 'Quote This Number' (PDF file).  Or go to  then find link in the 1st paragraph.



See also: 
Austin Seven Handbooks  for more specific information on several topices.

NB: Handbooks are listed at   Then select Austin Seven > Archives > Literature; some can be downloaded.


CA7C Articles

Austin Seven Launch Prices  The price of Austin Sevens, built by the Austin Motor Co. Ltd at Longbridge, at launch date with the equivalent price in 2015.

Austin Type Symbols and Dating Features  from The Austin Motor Co. Ltd Publication 931/F June 1958


Road Tests  for information on gearbox ratios, acceleration and fuel consumption for the most popular 'Sevens'.


Ruby MK1 or Ruby MK2 ?  How do you tell the difference?


The Differences in our ‘Sevens'  for information on the key features as each model was developed.