Our Officers and Committee Members for 2022/23

Whether you are a seasoned 'Sevener', a first time owner, or would just like to know more about Austin Seven ownership and membership of our Club, you are cordially invited to make contact with us.

NB. Please send technical questions, to Doug Castle, the website editor,
who will pass them onto the Club member best able to help you.




Chris Gill

has a 1934 RP Saloon and
a 1926 Tourer Type AD.


KF 1
Kerstie Foster
who enjoys a 1938 Ruby ARR
and a 1934 RP Saloon
with her partner.





DWaller 1

Dean Waller
has a 1936 Ruby ARR



Committee Members



Events Secretary
Mike Thorne

runs a 1935 Ruby ARQ
and a 1937 APE.


Sarah Mason
has a 1934 RP Saloon.

Peter Hodson

Peter Hodson

drives a 1936 APE






PHolmes 1
Paul Holmes

has a 1928 AD Tourer running and is working on
a 1927 AD Tourer; a 1931 Ulsteroid Trials;
a 1931 Ulster Replica and a 1934 RP Box Saloon


Lee Burgess

drives a 1934 RP Saloon


Ben Roseveare
Social Media Editor

Benjamin Roseveare
shares a 1937 Ruby Deluxe
with his father.

Aided by Non-Committee Members

Tamsin Coxen

Editor - Seven Focus
Tamsin Coxen
drives a 1931 RM SWB Saloon






AJ 1

Membership Secretary
Andrew Jarmin
drives a 1936 Military APD and a
1935 Ruby Open Road Tourer Type AAL





Website Editor
Doug Castle
has a 1938 Big Seven 'Forlite'
owned by his family for over 75 years




Other Club roles:

A7CA Representative: Sarah Mason

DVLA Liaison:  Malcolm Watts

FBHVC Contact::  Tamsin Coxen

Insurance Valuations:
Andrew Jarmin

Magazine printing and distribution:  Ann Skilton