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Our interest is only with Austin Sevens built between 1922 and 1939,
and with Specials which are based on the Austin Seven chassis and engine.

Club history:
During the summer of 2000 when the idea of forming an Austin Seven Club in Cornwall was first considered we thought that it might attract a membership of perhaps 30.  The inaugural meeting on the 7th August was attended by 24 people; all of whom joined whilst others, who were unable to attend the meeting, joined during the following weeks having already indicated their support.  The membership continued to grow and by August 2003 we had our 100th member.

Since the Club was formed more than 340 'Seven' owners have, at sometime, been members.  We now have a  membership about 120 with some new members each year whilst a few discontinue their interest and ownership of 'Sevens'.  Our members own around 170 'Sevens', mainly Box Saloon and Ruby, of which about 135 are running and the rest are being worked on.

Tamar 2We set out to offer monthly runs, social events, to organise Club holidays, provide technical advice and keep members informed with a monthly magazine and a website.

The monthly runs were of an ad-hoc format which enabled a small number of members to meet for coffee and a chat and then decide on a run to a pub for lunch in a small convoy or to go home.  Some runs were more organised with a route sheet as the summer months brought out more members and long convoys had to be avoided. 

Club Hol
Our first Club holiday was to Le Mans in 2001 and since then members have enjoyed holidays to East Germany; Brittany several times; Northern Spain; Southern Ireland; various parts of the UK including North Wales; East and North of England; the Devon and Dorset coasts and the Isle of Wight.
Over the years Member's cars have covered the full range of 'Sevens' built by The Austin Motor Co. Ltd. at Longbridge, Birmingham with a few owning models built by other coachbuilders.

For many years members have attended the National Rally at Beaulieu and the annual rallies organised by the Dorset and Bristol Clubs whilst a few venture north to Perth for the Scottish Club rally and enjoy a longer stay for a holiday.

The 'JOGLE' from John O'Groats to Lands End and two way runs, also the East-West run from Lowestoft to Lands End, have been successfully completed by many past and present members including some of our prominent lady drivers. Several members take part in the regular  'Austins to Brighton' runs.100 Anniv 1.1

CA7C actively contributes to the wider historic car movement as a member club of A7CA.   In 2005 many members went to the A7CA Centenary rally at Cofton Park commemorating the forming of the Austin Motor Co. and we held our own 1-day rally with members in period dress.  Members also supported  Association's rally for the 90th Anniversary of the launch of the Austin Seven at Warwick in June 2012 and the Centenary Rally at Moreton-in-the-Marsh in July 2022.

We are also a member club of the FBHVC and each year organise a Club run to support 'Drive it Day'.

Kernow RumbleWe celebrated our 10th Anniversary in July 2010 with 'The Kernow Rumble'.  The rally was the largest ever gathering of 'Sevens' in Cornwall when Club members and friends from the Bristol, Dorset and Scottish Austin Seven Clubs gathered with 65 'Sevens' to enjoy a week of local runs and social events.

We have enjoyed several succesful years and if we can continue in the coming years to sustain the current level of interest, and support, we shall feel vindicated that our original wish to establish an Austin Seven Club in Cornwall has been well worth the effort.

CA7C aims:
To provide a focal point in Cornwall for Austin Seven ownership.

To further Austin Seven owners’ enjoyment in running and maintaining their cars.

To provide assistance, support, encouragement and opportunities to enable members to use their Austin Sevens to the full.

To encourage, inform and assist those members who aspire to own, or have recently joined the ranks of Austin Seven owners.

To take an active role in supporting relevant national organisations.

CA7C offers:
We organise a range of events throughout the year, which are supported by a group of regulars.

We hold a few 'Ad Hoc' meetings throughout the year, when we meet at various venues for a coffee and a chat.  If the weather is suitable there will be a short run to enjoy a pub-lunch for those who wish to, or you may opt to return home.  'Last minute 'Ad hoc runs are now frequently announced on our Facebook link.

We hold 'Club Runs' throughout the year, usually between 60 and 100 miles home to home for most members.  We meet at a nominated start point for coffee and then follow a suggested route taking in a lunch stop (picnic or pub-lunch) after 25 to 30 miles.  Then a few more miles before making for home.  Some of these runs will visit place(s) of interest.  Have a look at 'Shall we do a Club Run?'   We will never drive our 'Sevens' in inclement weather for the sake of being out; we will call off a run if the weather is too bad to start or continue.

More popular now are weekly 'short runs', particularly in West Cornwall, where a group meets at a different venue each Wednesday morning and enjoys a run of about 25 miles stopping for a coffee break and then enjoying a picnic somewhere.

Gearbox teach in
are sometimes held
during the winter months.  Members suggest a topic and a demonstration is organised on how to check, dismantle and repair the item.  Topics have included dynamos; starter motors; king pins; gearboxes; brakes, rear axles; half-shaft replacement and electrical fault finding.  We don't guarantee to make you an expert but at least you will know what the part does and how it works.  For some Teach-ins members are encouraged to bring their own faulty component(s) along and, with help and guidance, repair them using their new found knowledge. 

Much of this technical advice is published in the Club magazine and placed on this website to be shared with anyone who has a problem to solve.

We hold 'Occasional Meetings' like a film evening of past Club Holidays etc; maybe a talk on First Aid; an 'Austin Seven Question and Answers' evening.

We occasionally organise 'Club Holidays', mainly in the UK, whilst small groups often arrange a short break in Spring and/or Autumn, whilst some members like to do their own thing.

Some of our members like to travel up-country to attend the annual weekend rally of other Austin Seven Clubs; and if they have the time they arrange a short holiday in the area. 
We encourage members to take their 'Sevens' along to their local village shows/rallies during the summer and as a Club we have a display each year at the three-day West of England Steam Engine Society Cornish Steam and Country Fair in mid-August.

There is no obligation for you to go to every Club event; you are free to support those that you wish; some members prefer the monthly runs but not holidays; some will only choose to do shorter 'local' runs whilst there are those who will happily drive to the far end of the county to meet up with other members and visit a new area. 

You can be as keen as you wish to be; but we would like to see you out and about mixing in and enjoy driving your 'Seven' along with other friendly and like-minded enthusiasts.

We have a monthly Magazine 'Seven Focus' giving the details of coming events, reports of recent events and sometimes including a technical article looking at a problem arising from a repair, or restoration work.  We a have a group of mechanically able members who can help you with your bigger problems.

Meeting Place:
Due to the difficulties and time taken to travel the length and breadth of Cornwall we do not have a regular monthly meeting place.

is open to all Austin Seven enthusiasts in Cornwall, or with connections to the County, defined as anyone owning, or aspiring to own, or with serious interest in, any type of Austin Seven.  Membership includes spouse or partner and children up to age 16.

We welcome lady owner/drivers and offer them as much technical support as they need.

Membership application forms are only available from the Membership Secretary.

Enquiries from Overseas:
Our primary aim is to assist owners within the county of Cornwall, UK, and therefore, with the greatest respect, we do not have overseas members as we are not able to provide all the benefits that our local members can enjoy. 

Motor Sport Events:
We are not a motor sport Club but a few members do compete in events, ie Trials, Hill Climbs or Circuit Racing, with their Austin Sevens.

Technical Assistance:
Practical help on repairs and restoration is always available for our less able members.

Many of the 'problems' experienced by Austin Seven owners throughout the world, whilst maintaining and repairing their Sevens, are covered in the articles written by our members in Technical Articles; also in general articles, which are relevant to Austin Sevens, can be found in the Austin Seven Journal and Magazine Articles.   Also see Quick Tips and our Guide to Parts and Services which will help you to source parts and services available in, or from, the UK.

Enthusiasts are welcome to contact us via Doug Castle, the website editor, with any questions arising from these articles or your work on your Austin Seven.  Our members are only able to answer questions relating to the Austin Seven (1922-1939) and may not be able to answer any questions arising from some articles from past magazines as they may have developed their own method of undertaking the work.  Also many topics have been discussed on the forum Austin Seven Friends

If you are in the UK and are invited to telephone our member that is because he feels that it would be better to discuss your problem, and perhaps refer to other issues which you have possibly overlooked, rather than answer by e-mail.  It is your responsibility to make the call as our members do not wish to spend time 'chasing' you and leaving messages on answerphones only for there to be no reply.  They do not wish to call mobile phone numbers due to the higher cost of calls.

Please note:  
Whilst every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the technical advice, and information, it is given in good faith and the Club, its officers and the author(s) accept no liability for loss, damage or injury from persons acting upon the advice given in this publication and from any subsequent answers to questions asked of our members.  Anyone following the advice given by this publication, or answers subsequently provided, shall be deemed to have accepted this statement.

We cannot offer a 24/7 'Help-line' and there may be a delay in answering your question after the webmaster has passed it on as our members do have other commitments.

Whilst we are pleased to give our time to answer questions, it sometimes involves a lot of effort to prepare the information specific to your question.  The person responding would be pleased to receive your acknowledgment for the reply and feedback as to whether the advice offered to you did meet your needs, or any further questions that might subsequently arise.  Whatever - a 'thank you' would be very appreciated.