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Go for a run with a few friends

With Club organised events still cancelled - if individual members wish to invite a few friends for a run via Facebook,  telephone etc, please do so and enjoy yourselves whilst following the current advice on soial distancing etc.. 

CA7CFuture format of club runs and meetings - from Committee Meeting 24 July.
The Committee discussed the impact of Covid-19 on the club calendar and considered when it might be appropriate to restart a number of simple club runs. Sadly it was agreed that it was still too early to know what might be possible in September but it is hoped to restart a small calendar of ad- hoc local runs if restrictions allow.   Any club run would be limited to six cars, maintaining social distancing and only meeting outside.  Opportunities will be reviewed again at the August meeting

Club Events
Virtual Club Rally 2020 - The Club will be holding a ‘virtual’ cream tea party on Saturday, August 1st, 2020. Members are asked to submit photos which could also be used for the cover of Focus in September.

AGM - It was agreed to postpone the AGM and hope to combine it with an event over the Christmas/New Year period.  

Christmas Party December - The event will be reviewed at the September Committee Meeting.

Your Membership Renewal Form for 2020/21 is included with the July issue of Focus.  Please check the details carefully, especially contact details, and amend, correct or update as appropriate. Please ensure that you sign in the places requested and it would be much appreciated if you could return the completed form with your payment promptly. If you are not intending to renew a quick phone call or email to that effect to the Membership Secretary would be appreciated.  

The FBHVC Survey 2020 is now online at  for two months.  We encourage all UK Austin Seven enthusiasts to complete it, please.


FBHVC Newsletter Issue 3 - 2020 is available for download at

Items of intereest in this issue are:  p 4-5 Legislation - LEZ update;  p 6 DVLA Coronavirus impact on DVLA;  p 7 Technical & Events Updates;  p 8 Heritage, Culture & Museums;  p 9 Archives The 5 P’s of Archiving;  p 10 Research Got time to take our surveys?;   p 16 - 19  DON’T Drive it Day 2020 Readers share their images.

 Our future events are being reviewed as Government advice changes.

A7CA 100
A7CA - Toolkit to Help A7 Clubs Engage with Younger People
The Associaton has set out ideas for attracting younger people into ownership of historic vehicles.

A7CA 100
Centenary Rally 2022

A7CA - Centenary Rally 2022

The Association is planning a celebration Rally in 2022 to mark 100 years of the birth of the Austin Seven at
The Rally will take place on Sunday 24th July 2022 at the Fire Service College, Moreton in Marsh, Gloucestershire. Those who are able devote more time to the celebrations will be able to enjoy an entire week of activities which will commence at the college from Monday 18th July 2022  

The Association is asking for volunteers at

The Austin Seven Owners Club will be organising a London to Brighton run in the Centenary year.