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Our future events are being reviewed as Government advice changes. 


FBHVCThe FBHVC has released more information gained from the National Historic Vehicle Survey: The Club Fact-file can be viewed at Club Factfile_Page 1 (  It ontains some rather worrying details which may well have an adverse effect on the future ownership of historic vehicles and the successes and survival of our Clubs.   


FBHVC 100FBHVC Newsletter Issue 6 - 2020 (December)  is available for download at

Items of intereest in this issue are:  p 4 Legislation, Updates on tyre legislation; p 7 DVLA News; p 8 SMART Motorways Smart move or not?; p 10 Technical & Events That déjà vu feeling;  p 11 Skills The Heritage Skills Academy;  p 12 Museums & Archives Musuems need our support; p 14 Research Latest data from the National Historic Vehicle Survey; p 15 Heritage The link between historic vehicles and wellbeing; p 16 Classic Car Loan Project Skills apprentice meets Vauxhall Viva; p 17 Secretarial News


FBHVCFBHVC has issued a Statement regarding the position on the UK Government ban on sale of new cars with internal combustion engines from 2030.




FBHVC National Historic Vehicle Survey reveals significant contribution to UK economy

Synopsis:  •  Number of historic vehicles on DVLA database has increased yet again to 1.5 million;  •  The historic movement now worth over £7.2 billion to UK economy;   •  4,000 businesses employing over 34,000 people;  •  700,000 enthusiasts – up from 500,000 in 2016;   •  Overall, historic vehicles account for less than 0.2% of the total miles driven in the UK;   •  35% of owners either already or are willing to contribute to a carbon reduction scheme;   •  56% of historic vehicles are on SORN.

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From FBHVC Website: The survey is the largest and most detailed survey of historic vehicle ownership carried out in any country. The results will help shape the future of the industry and will give the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs the vital facts and figures needed to protect future of transport heritage in the United Kingdom at the very highest levels.  More vehicles, contributing more to the UK economy Growth in the sector is the result of an increased number of historic vehicles registered with the DVLA, over the 2016 figures, to an incredible 1.5 million vehicles of all types from cars, buses and lorries to motorcycles, agricultural, military and steam vehicles. This represents 3.4% of all registered vehicles in the UK. Naturally, more vehicles mean more owners, 700,000 in fact, up by 200k on the previous survey in 2016.

The use of those historic vehicles and their need for services and supplies has kept spending healthy, with the historic vehicle sector now contributing an impressive £7.2 billion to the UK economy – that’s more than the equestrian sector and significantly up on the £5.5 billion in 2016.  This revenue is generated from the nearly 4,000 businesses that support the movement employing over 34,000 people. Those businesses are working on ensuring the future of the movement as well, with over a third either employing or considering employing an apprentice. 

The value of individual vehicles is widely spread, with 51% having a market value of less than £10,000 demonstrating a community of diversity and inclusiveness driven by enthusiasm. 44% are registered as on the road and ready for use.  The survey revealed that increasingly, historic vehicles are not used for daily transport. Indeed, the average mileage covered during the course of a year is just 1,200 miles, which equates to all the historic vehicles on the road accounting for less than 0.2% of the total miles driven on UK roads each year. Despite that tiny mileage for recreational and heritage uses, enthusiasts are clearly becoming more aware of the environmental impact of their activities, with 35% of owners saying they already contribute to, or would consider contributing to, a carbon reduction scheme.


A7CA 100
A7CA - Toolkit to Help A7 Clubs Engage with Younger People
The Associaton has set out ideas for attracting younger people into ownership of historic vehicles.

A7CA 100
Centenary Rally 2022

A7CA - Centenary Rally 2022

The Association is planning a celebration Rally in 2022 to mark 100 years of the birth of the Austin Seven at
The Rally will take place on Sunday 24th July 2022 at the Fire Service College, Moreton in Marsh, Gloucestershire. Those who are able devote more time to the celebrations will be able to enjoy an entire week of activities which will commence at the college from Monday 18th July 2022  

The Association is asking for volunteers at

The Austin Seven Owners Club will be organising a London to Brighton run in the Centenary year.