Event Reports
Short reports of events, holidays and shows enjoyed
by our members in the past four months.

Our members are always out and about with their 'Sevens'

The main aim of CA7C is to encourage members to drive their 'Sevens' whenever possible, even throughout the winter months when, surprisingly, quite a few members do enjoy being out and about on the colder winter-time runs.  However, we do draw the line on the very wettest of days as there is no point driving in bad weather with the non-optional water entry around the ill-fitting windows and doors!   Mostly we are able to enjoy warm, sunny days with Cornwall's splendid inland and coastal scenery at its best whatever the season of the year.

These edited reports were written by members and are taken from our monthly magazine, Seven Focus.

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Gearbox Teach-in -  13 & 16 February

Gearbox 1Due to the level of interest the teach-in was held twice.  On both days the session started with an oversight into what each person might gain from the teach-in. This was followed by a demonstration of the removal and replacement of the gear selector detent balls and springs whilst overseeing others while they did the same to their own boxes. This was all accompanied by an explanation of the common faults and what to look out for.  Amongst the boxes brought along there a number of broken springs and a selection of the most common faults were found.  Members were helped to identify the type of gearbox they had brought with them including one which had bits from more than one type.


Gearbox 2After a break for coffee, we were showed how to inspect the gears, synchromesh rings etc. and then how to disassemble the main and lay shafts.  The lay shaft was particularly difficult to remove as a washer had been put on the shaft between the thrust bearing and gears to take up end float.  As the shaft was being removed, this washer dropped into the groove in the lay shaft stopping its removal. The bellhousing end had to be disassembled to gain access in order to release it from the groove. 


Bearing removal was helped by the application of heat to the housings. The special tool was inserted, the shaft upended and the bearing driven out from the other end with a long punch inserted down the hollow shaft. We were then shown how to re-insert the six balls and springs into the synchroniser.  The afternoon was completed by the re-assembly of boxes.  



Burns Run and Lunch - 26 January

BurnsOur first run of the year took place at the end of January with a Burns Night (day) run from Carnon Downs Garden Centre. Ten cars gathered for coffee at Carnon Downs, catching up after the Christmas holidays. It was great to see our Focus editor venturing out in his special. In the garage for many months the 10 mile round trip doubled the new mileage of his car. It was an exciting trip as he discovered a lack of front brakes affects your stopping distances! 

A short drive to our lunch venue and it felt as if the 12 mile run took us round in circles before finally heading off to the Waymarker Café for a fantastic lunch of traditional Burns Night food.  



Soldering Teach-in - 19 January

Solder 1

Nine of us met up to learn something of the black art of soldering.  We got straight into removing an oil filter gauze and tinning the frame to accept a smart new brass gauze.  We also experimented with different soldering irons, the difference between low wattage electric and high powered ones being immediately obvious. 


Solder 2

After a lunchtime pasty we moved onto battery cables. Here, our tutor's experience with corrosion/oil leaks and subsequent voltage drop had led him to produce a very simple but effective ‘hole in a block of brass’ into which he melted solder then quickly pushed a pared back cable into the hole which by capillary action drew molten solder up into the strands. 

Simple but effective. We also tried some silver soldering on brass petrol pipe and nipples, again the difference in heat made things so much faster, a blow torch would do the job but the hotter oxy acetylene was much better.  I think we all enjoyed the day and certainly learned a lot, I can see this day being requested again.




Christmas Party - 8 December

Xmas Party 2

This year the Christmas Party was back at Mabe Community Hall.   We had a fantastic turn out and the outside catering was excellent.  After we all had a nice fill of the delights on the table we were entertained by some party games. 





Xmas Party 3


The fun started with the children having a go at putting together a large jigsaw using sticks to pick up the pieces from a box of jumbled bits of a Ruby and a Box Saloon followed by the adults.  The next  game was passing nuts, bolts, and ball along a line of people with obscured vision and different length poles.  Again the children showed the adults how it was done by going first.  We finished off the afternoon by playing our home made Austin parts instruments with a sing song.   




Coffee Morning and run from Loggans Moor, Hayle -  10 November

Coffee Nov 1
A broad cross section of cars turned up at the Brewers Fair restaurant for the November coffee morning.  There were four Austin 7's containing six members and four 'moderns' with seven members. It was good to see that four of the ten folk there were new members, two from Illogan who came in their recently acquired Seven and two who drove all the way down from Bodmin in their 'modern'.



Coffee Nov 3
It was good to have the opportunity to meet them and welcome them to 'the Club'.  After various refreshments and a considerable amount of chat the four Sevens set off in the direction of Angarrack, (means 'the rock' in the Cornish language!).  Eventually passing over the level crossing (level not a word that springs to mind driving over it!) of the Paddington to Penzance rail lines, the route continued on to Praze an Beeble (meaning 'meadow on the river Beeble') then on in the direction of Bolenowe (derived from Boslenow, 'dwelling of strip fields' in the Cornish language).



Coffee Nov 2

The route took the little convoy through Brea village, then soon crossing over the bridge of the Penzance to Paddington railway then left and abruptly right into the Tesco car park where we said our farewells and headed homeward.  A very pleasant little run for a late Autumn day that remained fine for us.